About Us

The Innovation Story is a team of passionate educators from globally acclaimed universities united in our goal to equip children with cutting edge skills for their future careers. We strive to inspire and transform children through experiential learning; seeing them change and grow as they create things with their own hands is our biggest motivator. We want to cultivate interdisciplinary intelligence and, in the process, inspire the values of curiosity, innovation, confidence and collaboration in children.

The Team

The Founder

Ms Majumder is an MBA from IIM Calcutta and holds an engineering degree in electronics from Mumbai University. She has a rich work experience of 25 years in the area of risk management. Her last stint was as Chief Risk Officer at ICICI Securities Primary Dealership. Having mentored students in the field of Robotics for over 5 years, she is the recipient of the prestigious Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Winner given to outstanding mentors at the FIRST Robotics Competition. Passionate about experiential learning, her mission is to equip the next generation with real world skills thus transforming them into innovators and gamechangers.

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