The Innovation Story is a launchpad to equip young adults with the skills needed to transform them into innovators and changemakers. The focus is on experiential learning in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Through hands-on experiences, the program inspires students to pursue careers in robotics, software design, engineering, programming, and animation.

Introducing Solve for Society

Solve for Society Challenge is designed to provide a unique opportunity to government school students of Grades 8 to 12 to use technology to solve a real-world problem in their community. In the process, students receive an hands-on exposure to the intriguing world of STEM and Computer Science Education.

The Innovation Story and Amazon Future Engineer invite students of Grades 8 to 12 from Government Schools to participate in the Solve for Society Challenge.

SFS Challenge

Solve for Society Challenge

In collaboration with Amazon Future Engineer.

Through Solve for Society Challenge, students of grade 8 to 12 have the opportunity to devise innovative solutions to real-world problems with mentorship from industry experts.

Watch out for the challenge release on 1st June, 2022

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Design Thinking Workshops

To help participants ideate and problem solve

Design Thinking Workshop 1

How to select a real-world problem that is impacting our community?

Ms. Monisha Narke
Standford Alumnus,
CEO,RUR Greenlife Private Limited

Design Thinking Workshop 2

How to identify the right problem?

Dr. Jay Dhariwal
MIT-USA Alumnus, IIT-Bombay,India
Assistant Prof. at IIT Delhi

Design Thinking Workshop 3

How to come up with the right solution?

Mr. Rohit Pandharkar
Global Head of Data Science, OLX Autos and the founder of MIT Media Lab India Initiative

Student benefits

Development of valuable teamwork, critical thinking, collaboration, and presentation skills by working with both peers and professionals.

Mentorship from STEM industry experts and individuals from IITs.

The opportunity to work on your STEM innovation (subject to availability and selected project)


Leadership Team

Meenal Majumder

Jui Kamble

Aashi Agrawal

Kesa Shaikh

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