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The Innovation Story, through the TrailBlazHer Innovation Challenge, mentored students who came with the most innovative solutions to real world challenges in the areas of education, environment and health.

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  • Simulate

  • Test

  • Reflect

Compos Mentis

Compos Mentis is a gamified app that helps improve students' lifestyle & mental health, with features like daily check-ups, smart planners, habit trackers, progress graphs, and much more.


Magista is a peer-to-peer tutoring app that facilitates easy communication and transactions between tutees and tutors. Furthermore, through this unique bartering system, you can exchange tutoring for a free meal!

Ocean clean-up device

Collecting, compressing, and sustainably disposing plastic from the ocean, using an ocean clean-up device, to create a much safer environment for marine life.


An autonomous green garden that combats pressing environmental adversities such as deforestation, eutrophication, increased carbon emissions and helps you grow fresh, organic, and sustainable produce at the comfort of your own home.

Solar water purifier

That uses solar (renewable) energy to purify the water, so it can be used in places where there is no electricity. It is also compact and fairly easy to make and use.

CT Scanner

Small-scale, mobile chest CT Scanner with linear X-Ray translation to be used in rural areas for Covid Diagnosis.


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